Murals and Wall Art

Painting the most dynamic murals and wall art in all of Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and all of New York. This is where street art meets decor. Our creative team at On Da Loose Design Studio makes us the most versatile group of mural artists throughout the tri-state area. From street art to pop art to interior decor and more. We can bring your idea to life. Process is everything when it comes to fine art so we start with a concept and then move to sketching. Once the sketch is approved we find the proper colors that match the feel of the art. The final step is painting your design so that it attracts the right audience. ODL designs has painted art for restaurants, apartments, studios, small mom and pop stores and huge corporations. Whether it’s a small canvas or the entire exterior of a building we make sure to create interactive art that drives traffic and boosts sales.